Free Photo sessions for locals

Your pets are part of your family. You know them and their character intimately and I'd bet hands down that you'd be able to spot them in a group of the same breed without a breath. That's why getting a good reference photo is key to commissioning one of my portraits. I'm not drawing a spaniel or a collie, I'm drawing yours and you'd see from a mile off if something weren't quite right.

I also know taking a good photo is easier said than done. So, to help me get what I need and you get what you want, I've decided to offer a free photo session where I will come and photograph your pet. I'm also happy to give you the benefit of my advice for you to take a photo yourself should you prefer. This is a no-obligation service - if you decide not to proceed with a commission then that's no problem and the worst its cost is your time and perhaps a cuppa!

This service will be available to customers living locally to me in Neath, South Wales from January 2022.

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